About this Pseudo Fit Mom




I'm known to have a sunny disposition. And it's true. I have an upbeat and positive personality. I allow myself to see the good in any situation. Even with this positive outlook, I’ve experienced pain and disappointment, a few years ago i hit a major rough patch in my marriage and it rocked my world. It awoken a lot of insecurities from youth that I thought I had overcame. It was during this time that I realized, I didn’t overcome them -I ran from them. Never to learn and grow. Well that just had to stop. The past few years has been an amazing journey of self discovery and perseverance. My marriage has strengthened and my son is growing up far too fast; but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Sometimes in life the struggle is what makes the glory


I still have hard days where the past crepes up but I’m strong enough now to face it and work through it. I created the Diary of a Pseudo FItMom to showcase a world where the focus wasn’t soley on muscle tone and strength but being mentally strong. I don’t enjoy working out but I do enjoy living a healthy lifestyle - mind, body and soul. Working out helps lead to a healthy life so I do it. I’ve lately noticed the correlation between exercise and my mental health. When I work out, I feel so much better and think so much more clear. 


I put a strong focus on mental health because it's something I work on. Everything we consume, whether it be food, drinks, words - impacts our world and how we interact. Creating this blog has taken me out of my comfort zone. I’m not one to post my life happenings on a constant basis - I am pretty private that way. I suppose its a way to protect myself (I guess) but I push myself out of my comfort zone to hopefully positively impact someone’s life.


I believe in karma - I believe we are all here for a reason. My mission is to inspire and empower others to become and be the best version of themselves.