3 Life Changes That Helped Me Persevere

    There are times I feel strange sharing my story.Thoughts like, who do you think you are cross my mind at times. Who am I? I’m no famous actor, musician, or political figure. I am just me - a 30 something year old with a story to tell. I started this blog to inspire people to keep pushing forward - never give up - because you are never alone.




    Now there is a word most, at some time or another, has felt. That’s how I felt and it was hard to get myself out of that funk. But, I DID! Last month, I shared a small part of my story - how I landed in the darkest time of my life and that I persevered and found my light again.That is not to say that I see life filled with unicorns and rainbows - some days are hard. I am not here to tell you that I have mastered this skill, because I haven’t. What I can say is that most days are better than others. Everyday, I get up and try. Like that of an onion, I am slowly peeling back another layer to share with you how I made it out. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it seems only fitting. Here are the top 3 things I did to pull me out of the darkness.


    1. I Make Myself a Priority

    I am a natural giver. I selflessly take care of everyone around me but fell short when it was time to take care of myself. A part of me felt selfish if I did. During my Dark Period, I took a training class on Time Management. Since the class was offered through my job, I thought it would be geared more towards job specific functions but it rather encompassed all functions of life. Taking this class actually helped me to realize that I never took time for me. It was a sad realization but one that helped me begin making changes in my life to get me out of the darkness. A huge part of that is managing your time for family, friends, and yes, YOU!

    Eat Healthy:

    Eating Healthy is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. I eat as much organic as I can afford and try to avoid processed foods (chips, candy ect..) as much as possible but let’s get real people - those reese’s peanut butter eggs are irresistable! This is where I have to have self control. Eating well helps me to maintain a healthy weight and avoiding processed foods helps me to (hopefully) avoid any harsh disease. I meal prep to consistently eat healthy throughout the week and endulge on the weekends.

    Schedule Self love/care:

    Something that has been so easy for me to push aside is also one of the easiest things to do. Self love/care is just taking a moment for yourself. Right now, I am writing in my blog listening to music that puts me in a great mood and makes me want to sing! If my son wasn’t napping right now, I would probably belt the tunes on the top of my lungs playing through my earbuds. But this simple task gives me so much energy. Other self care things I do is dying my hair every 3-4 weeks in my bathroom. You could go to a salon but I find, due to time constraints, that my bathroom location with my $5 box of hair dye does the trick. When I dye my hair I enjoy putting on a face mask and reading a book. It is extremely relaxing and helps me to feel so much more rejuvenated! For other self care ideas, check out my Pinterest page.

    Daily Affirmations:

    I have the “Spirit Junkie” app by Gabbie Bernstein. Every morning, one of the first things I do is open the app and read my daily affirmation. I write it down in my planner and reference the affirmation throughout the day. Starting the day off with a positive mindset makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


    1. I Wake Up at 5am

    Yes; 5 am! I originally did it because it was the only time I could incorporate a workout into my day and house cleaning into my week when my son was first born. What I didn't realize was how this would transform my life! I went to lunch last week with the CEO of a sister company of mine (the one I work for not one I own). She was telling me how a large chunk of her time in her early career was waking up at 4:20am. It was the only way to fit everything into her day. I am debating whether or not to begin waking up prior to 5am - but for now, 5am is just fine. Next month’s blog will share the details of how waking up at 5am changed the trajectory of my day.


    1. I Focus On Self Development

    For a while, I just went through life. I thought that since I was in the age range of being classified an adult, that I was. Of course that meant no schooling. WRONG! We have to continue to grow and evolve to be great humans. Both personal and professional development is key to success. I subscribe to multiple podcast about health, relationships, and overall wellness. I also enroll in professional development classes through my office.


    I have just shared my top three personal improvements I made to get out of the darkness. This has helped me tremendously. I hope you find at least one thing that you can fit into your day for a better you. I am also open to suggestions. If you have an idea that I can incorporate into my day, please leave a comment! See you next month when I go deeper into how my life changed dramatically by waking up at 5 am.





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