Gotta go Back, Back, Back to school AGAIN!

    If you ever watched Grease 2, you would understand the title to this months blog and hopefully be singing as you read. But if you have never seen it - that's ok - because the gist is there. I am Back at school! Yup - that's right. I chose to go back to school for my Masters in Leadership! October 1st was my very first day of class - I was filled with excitment and anxiety on how to take on this journey but I realize its all about how you manage your time. 

    I am a full time working mommy of one. I have been able to get a solid workout routine into my schedule by making the best of the 24 hours in a day so I really thought long and hard on how I could make going back to school a possibility. I am on week 2 of class and have been able to manage my time effectively to complete all the required readings and homework submissions but completly cut off my workouts. Its not ideal and certainly not a long term solution but I am exercising my brain which is a good thing, right?! I will find a way to balance work, family, school and exercise; i just havent figured it out yet.

    Going back to school also triggered some internal negetive self talk. In my waking hours, I was excited and motivated to execute on the daily assignments. However, as I went off to sleep at night, dreams overtook my positivity. Dreams where my professor would try to talk me out of going bck to school because, "you just don't have the smarts to see this through - get out now before its too late" Talk about negetive self talk! 

    Yes - have a fear of never being good enough or smart enough. But I will be damned if I let this fear overtake me and stop me from seeing this through. I am smart. I am good enough. I will graduate with a Masters in Febrary 2021!! 





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