How a 5am Wakeup Changed My World

    The past few months I have had a big focus on mental health. I shared part of my mental funk story and how I got myself out. One way I did that was waking up at 5 am. Who would have thought that doing this one thing would make such an impact. But it did and I have to share. I am a full time worker and mom. Sometimes life gets hard trying to fit everything into your day and include sleep. Rewind to pre-baby me and tell me if this sounds oh too familiar to any of you...

    Wake up at 7:45to the blaring sound of the alarm. Jump out of bed and right into the shower. Dry off as fast as possible, throw on some work appropriate clothes and run out the door to apply makeup on the ride to work (or even in the office parking lot) and arrive at the dreaded cubicle by 8:30 on the dot. The entire day is jump, jump, jump - into the next scheduled meeting or priority. After work, I would get home  where I'd skip my after work workout to make dinner or fit in another last minute priority and then 9:30 hits I finally sat on my couch to "relax" where I would almost always think of something else I didn't do. Just typing this gives me an overwhelming sense of stress! I made a slight change back then, before pregnancy. I made a slight change back then which included cutting out my morning shower...I know - genious right?! So instead the morning began to look something like this:

    6:30 am alarm - put on workout clothes sat out the night before. Brush teeth. Grab gym bag packed night before, grab packed lunch. Kissed hubby goodbye and drive to the office gym by 7am. Workout for 30-45 minutes, shower, blow dry hair, apply makeup, walk up to my cubicle by 8:30 am. This seems a little better right? yes! iIt realy helped me kick start my morning. I was still rushing out the door but had a sense of accomplishment knowing i was up, out of the house, fitting my workout in and showering all before work. This seemed to be the ticket until I became a mommy. 

    Becoming a mom changed everything. I no longer used my alarm clock. It was replaced by the needs of my son. If he was awake, I was awake. If he was asleep, I was asleep. As he grew and started sleeping through the night, I started sleeping in later and later just to catch whatever extra zzz's I could. But then, the rushing began again. It was super stressful for me. I didn;t like that I was creating this stressful environment for my son. He consistently began waking up between 6:30 and 7 so I decided, 5 am would be the most ideal wakeup time for me. I would be able to wake up, workout, shower, get ready for work, and be ready to take on the day for my son when he woke up. What I didn't expect was how amazing I would feel.  Prior to my 5am wakeup, I slept to the very last possible minute and rushed around all day long. My mind and body never had the chance to fully grasp what I was doing before jumping to the next thing. It was quite exhausting and showed that time management was something I desperatly needed. This mindset pretty much set me up for failure in all aspects of the day. Waking up at 5am has proven to make me feel more energetic, productive, mentally ready I was to take on the day. 

    Recently, my son has been going through a growth spurt and teething so his sleep has been disrupted. I wake up with him and was able to realy see a difference in my days from waking up at 5am to waking up at 6 or 6:30 on the couch. I was able to see how vital it was for my day to be the most productive. 

    All you new moms out there with a desire to make the most of your 24 hours and just need a slight change - try waking up an hour or even a half hour earlier than you usually do and see what type of difference it makes. 






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