Weird Ways to Burn Calories

    I subscribe to a podcast that reads articles on Health and Personal Development called Optimal Living Daily and Optimal Health Daily. Literally - they find articles and read them. Its like an audio book. Genius really; wish i thought of that. But either way; some of the articles are extremely interesting and it always sparks something within me either creatively or motivationally. The latest podcast was an article by Diet Spotlight called "6 Out-of-the-Box Solutions For Calorie Burning - 13 Things You Need to Know" by Summer Banks. I found it completely fascinating - not because it should replace eating healthy and exercise but that they are small ways to burn additional calories that people may already be doing. 

    The list included things like chewing gum, laughing with friends, exposing yourself to cold temperatures, and even donating blood! Crazy to think that your body burns calories by laying on a table and donating blood but apparently it does! 

    I definitely recommend the read (or listen) but still hold firm to my beliefs that a healthy lifestyle requires a good balance of eating right and exercise. This article provided additional ways to burn calories in hopes of reaching personal weight loss goals. If you are already doing some of the items on the list - you are burning calories and don't event know it! 

    The articles can be found Diet Spotlight  



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