7 workouts per week


School work



6 workouts per week


School work

Welcome to the Workout page! 

Everything you see here is what I try to do on a regular basis. Maybe not everyday, but enough.

I have recently went back to school to obtain my Masters so I have been finding it hard to find time for both studies and working out. After two semesters, I realize I HAVE to find the balance. So I created the monthly challenge to do just that. 

The videos below are what I found on youtube that I absolutely love. My husband also bought bands and weights so I am going to try and incorporate that as well. 


MAIN POINT - find the balance of life and fitness 




Fitness Blender

This is a 10 minute ab workout I enjoy doing.

It's short and quick and something I can do anywhere.

Upper Body 

This 15 minute workout is one of my best finds!  Its a great and intense upper body workout that I honestly enjoy doing!.

Lower Body

This is another 15 minute workout that really kicks my butt (no pun intended). This is the same person who does the upper body. I am really digging this slight change of pace from the Fitness Blender workouts.

Butt & Thigh Pilates

Morning Yoga

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